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Psi Wars Head-to-Head Card Game

Psi Wars is a collectible card game where battles occur on three different levels- bringing a whole new layer of strategy to the genre. Coming to Kickstarter May 15, 2018.

In 37th century, most of humanity has been wiped out. Competing warlords have harnessed the essential knowledge used for eons by the Galactic Elders to maintain stability throughout the universe. These Creation Units include Bio-Acceleration, Neurogenesis, Digital Splicing and Raw Material Animation, which been unleashed by an unknown force. The knowledge of Creation has spread causing unchecked mass-extinctions across the galaxy.   The Galactic Alliance need to seize back control and have enlisted the help of humans across temporal planes, a Hyper-Card technology allows you to take part in planetary battles and help re-establish order.

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Coming soon to Kickstarter on May 15th. Please join us on our journey!

How to Play Psi Wars, Part I - Learning About the Hypercards


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