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In 37th century, most of humanity has been wiped out. Competing warlords have harnessed the essential scientific knowledge that has been used for eons by the Galactic Elders to maintain stability throughout the known universe. These Creation Units include Bio-Acceleration, Neurogenesis, Digital Splicing and Material Animation. The secret understanding of the fundamental elements of the universe has been unleashed by an unknown force. The knowledge of Creation has now spread far and wide causing unchecked mass-extinctions on planets and even entire galaxies. 

Seizing back control is essential to maintain power within the Galactic Alliance. To enlist the help of humans across temporal planes, a Hyper-Card technology has been developed that allows you to take part in planetary battles and help re-establish order. 

To use these advanced technologies, you will establish a lab on a planet to create an army that includes Beings, Cyborgs and Robots, as well as the equipment necessary to enhance their abilities to attack and defend. Embedded in each hyper-card is the underlying technical information as well as the resources necessary to create a Battle Unit, piece of Equipment or Power. 

Competing warlords are also trying to build an army to control the planet. Your goal is to destroy the opposing armies and obliterate their lab. 


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